Florin Chemical and Trade Ltd.

Our company was established in 1957, in Szeged. At the present it is still Hungarian property in 100%. 100 workers are employed and our yearly income is 2 billion Forints.

Szeged is closer to you than you think:

  • 500 km from Poland
  • 300 km from Ukraine
  • 200 km from Slovak Republic
  • 100 km from Croatia
  • 30 km from Rumania
  • 20 km from Serbia

We would like to present few important steps from Florin’s life:

  • Our company began its activity with the production of cosmetics and houshold chemical products.
  • The Sana and Leila nail polish remove products were made for the 1st time in 1973. The curiosity of the product was that the scales of living fish (carp) were used up during the production.
  • We established a modern aerosol factory in 1989, which has a capacity of 50 million pieces.
  • Florin Ltd. emphasizes the usage of enviroment-protection technologies and natural agents. This intention is symbolized by the green logo of the company and the new image which was created in 1993.
  • Also in this year we established a modern cream-production factory.
  • This factory enabled for us to make healing and varicosity protection products.

At the moment we are doing a 3-level activity

  • Wagework, or production co-operation. We have been producing hair colour for the company Wella for 20 years, Ambipur air freshener and Baby-care products for Sara Lee.
  • Private Labeling (Producing and developing trade marks)
    We are producing such products for Tesco and Coop-Hungary.
  • Production of our own trade marks
    Our product: Alex, Charme, Fruisse, Florisse, Sana

ISO9001In 1998 the quality assurance system, ISO 9001 was introduced. The laboratry was fitted with up-to-date, Liquid cromotography and spectophotometer controlled by a computer.

In the year of 2000 our subsidiary in China started its production and distribution of our products, which shows that we have extended international relationship.

However, in the centre of Florin’s activity is the development and production of the following products: aerosol cosmetics, household chemicals and antiseptic products.

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