Florin’s new sanitizer factory is ready

An investment of 2,5 billion HUF came true in the course of 6 months at Florin Zrt., that makes it possible to produce 200 hundred litres of sanitizers and 300 hundred products. Due to the new factory’s production capacity Hungary became self-sufficient in terms of sanitizers of grave importance regarding protection against the pandemic. It makes possible the production of huge quantities of sanitizers for households and health institutions quickly whenever it is needed.

Florin Zrt. of Hungarian ownership has been a determining producer of sanitizers and disinfectancts for decades. For just about 40 years it has been producing Brado disinfectants in Szeged, supplying healthcare with prodessional products, providing sanitizers for households under the name of Brado Life.

Florin had an outstanding role in the provision of the country’s sanitizer-supply in the course of both the first, second and third waves of the pandemic.

In the first days of the outbreak of covid, the company took extreme measures, all of its suitable machines were converted to produce sanitizers in order to be able to supply health institutions, strategically important public institutions and public service providers with sufficient amount of products.

During the one year of the pandemic nearly 4 million sanitizers were produced in the factory in Szeged, 17 million of them went to hospitals, public institutions and stores.

The pandemic made it clear that Hungary needs to become self-sufficient in terms of producing sanitizers of grave importance, as during the first wave there was a significant shortage of sanitizers. To achieve this goal, Florin applied for the Egészségipari Támogatás Program’s aid. (Healthcare Support Program).

Within the framework of the program nearly 2 billion HUF support were awarded by the Ministry of Finance which made possible to implement capacity building investments in just 6 months. A 2,500 per square metre production hall was built, and 6 new production lines were put into operation.

With the investment Florin can manufacture 200 hundred litres of sanitizers and 300 products daily. Thanks to the investment, the company can make flacons for the sanitizers, can start the manufacturing of new sanitizer products and can produce a larger amount of the necessary source materials.

From now on Florin is able to supply the whole country with all the necessary sanitizers even in severe and unexpected epidemic situations.

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