Dermaflora in the international spotlight

Florin took part in one of the Eurasian cosmetic market’s biggest platforms, Beauty Eurasia Exhibition in Istanbul. Being the only Hungarian among Turkish and many foreign experts, our stand acquired significant attention where Rátóti Orsolya and Seres Rózsa welcomed the visitors.

On the expo, that took part between 16-18 June 2021, mainly local companies introduced themselves, altogether 10 of the represented organizations were from foreign countries. In the course of the three days Middle Eastern and African companies’, then Turkish firms’ representatives visited the cosmetic and beauty exhibitors.

Dermaflora 0% product line turned out a success in many ways, primarily due to its natural ingredients. Sticks were of great interest as well, also many inquiries came regarding contract manufacturing.

The period of the pandemic affected the cosmetic industry as well, on the shelves of stores mainly disinfectants were displayed. At the exhibition of 2021 companies had a chance to present their developments of the prior year and build their networks, just like the team of Florin is doing.  

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