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Florin Zrt.'s Szeged plant started manufacturing disinfectants with the brand name Brado almost 40 years ago, but this activity has never been more important than in the past one year.

At Florin's legal predecessor, the disinfectants used in hospitals and other medical institutions were developed and started to be manufactured back in the eighties.

In order to decipher the origin of the brand name, we also have to go back in time, since Brado is a shortened, "nicknamed" version of the name of bradophen, one of the components of disinfectants at the time.

This substance is no longer used in disinfectants, but the brand still retains its name and has never been as well-known and popular as it is today.

With a history of almost 40 years, Florin has the greatest experience in Hungary in the production of this vital product for all of us in the healthcare and epidemic period.

Almost everyone working in the health sector has already used Brado products, which include hand, skin and surface disinfectants as well as hand care and cleaning products.

Florin is currently one of the largest suppliers of these products for the domestic healthcare sector. The Brado range of disinfectants, with wide activity spectrum, short onset times, efficiency and reliability, is also popular outside the healthcare sector, having been developed primarily for institutional and production sector use.

Building on its extensive manufacturing and professional experience, Florin developed and started marketing the BradoLife range of professional disinfectants for the general public ten years ago. The aim was to ensure that products of the same quality as our disinfectants, which meet the highest hospital standards and regulations, could be used by anyone in their everyday life, whether at home or on the go.

In the BradoLife product line, customers can find a solution for every use situation. You can take the 50-milliliter disinfectant gel and the disinfectant cloth with you anywhere, even in the smallest bag.

At home or at work, we can also use the 500 milliliter hand disinfectant gel, the disinfectant liquid soap, and the hand and skin disinfectant spray.

A BradoLife products destroy 99.99 percent of pathogens, they are effective against viruses, bacteria and fungi, the alcohol content of the gels exceeds 70 percent.

As part of the Brado product range, Florin now also produces surface disinfectant aerosols and disinfectant detergents under the BradoClub brand, in addition to hand sanitising gels and soaps, hand and skin disinfectant sprays.

Even during the coronavirus epidemic, Florin continuously developed the products of BradoLife in order to be able to serve the increased needs with the widest possible selection. In addition, our goal is for customers to find the most practical and effective disinfectant for every situation.

Both retailers and customers are looking for reliable products and manufacturers, and Florin and BradoLife are backed by significant capacity, an experienced team of professionals, and disinfectants that have been used in hospitals for almost 40 years.

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