Company history

In 1957, 12 "brave people" founded a co-operative in Szeged to produce soap, which was often a scarce commodity at the time. In the more than 60 years that passed since, the household chemicals manufacturer - which later became Universal, then Florin, and was transformed into a public limited company in the early 1990s - has experienced a lot of success and adversity. But just like its founders, its successors have also proven that it is possible to achieve results in difficult circumstances with a clear vision, market knowledge, quick reaction and persistency. Florin was not only able to survive in a sector dominated by multinationals, but was also able to regain momentum in both product and manufacturing development by building one of Hungary's largest household and health care chemicals capacities.

The company, which is still fully Hungarian-owned, produces more than 500 types of household cleaning products, personal care products, as well as hospital and household disinfectants, and in 2020-2021 it implemented the largest investment program of its existence in its Szeged base. As a result, it has built up a completely new manufacturing capacity to produce large volumes of goods quickly and flexibly across all product categories. The disinfectant plant, which was set up at record speed, and the new factory, which was completed by the summer of 2021, were accelerated by the explosion in demand caused by the epidemic, but the management's vision was only realised earlier than originally planned.

Florin aims to become one of the region's leading producers of household chemicals, able not only to supply the Hungarian market, but also to meet large export orders with its modern, efficient and flexible production.


1957 – Szegedi Soap Maker Chemical and Small Industries Cooperative is established

1963 – the co-operative expanding its activities and product range takes on the name Universal

from 1968 – creating the conditions for industrial production

1980s– production of Brado disinfectants begins

1992 – the cooperative becomes a limited company under the name Florin

2012 – the company comes under the control of a new professional investor

from 2012 – regular participation in international exhibitions

2014 – the company takes over the production of well-known Hungarian brands such as Ultra, Komfort and WU2

2020 – a new 1600 square metre production hall for disinfectants is built

2021 – a new 4600 m2 factory is completed on the site of the old buildings, increasing capacity

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