Contract manufactured products

Besides manufacturing our proprietary products, we also produce several well-known products of prestigious companies as subcontractors. We are able to provide fast, accurate and economical manufacturing for our clients.


Dishwashing powders

General dishwashing and cleansing product. Excellent and economical degreasing agent with a supreme emulsifying effect. Highly effective even in hard water. Dishwashing powder Ultra is excellent for washing dishes at home or in an industrial environment, washing glass, tiles, wash basins, bath tubs, ceramics and PVC floors, doors and windows, degreasing, cleaning walls painted with washable paint. Recommended for both professional and home use. Available in the following sizes: 500 g, 1 kg, 20 kg bags.

Hand cleansers

Highly effective hand cleanser paste. It completely removes any contamination of oily and greasy metal dust, rust, graphite from the ridges and pores of the hand. Works especially well in the metal and mechanical industry. Types: Ultra Derm 150 g/400 g; Ultra Derm extra liquid hand cleanser with dispenser 500 ml, Ultra Derm hand balm extra 100 ml.

Dishwashing detergents

Ultra Daisy liquid dishwashing detergent actively dissolves and effectively removes grease and other contaminations. Suitable for cleaning dishes and household utensils made of porcelain, glass and metal. Type: Hypo-allergenic, available in 500 ml packs.

Hand sanitizers

Hand cleansing product with sanitizing effect, suitable for sanitizing hand cleaning in households, social and health care institutions, bathrooms in public places, malls, restaurants, catering kitchens, plants producing and distributing food. Besides mechanical contamination, it also removes oily and greasy substances. It has a pleasant fragrance, containing additives that are sensitive to the hand. Recommended for both professional and residential users. Spectrum: bactericidal. Available size: 500 ml

WU2 is the traditional Hungarian shampoo brand for everyone. WU2 1000 ml is the market leader in Hungary in terms of pieces sold.

WU2 shampoos have a skin-friendly (pH 5.5) composition that provides sensitive cleansing for the hair and scalp. Its components improve the flexibility of the hair, and highlight its natural gloss. In the Hungarian society, this product enjoys a high level of trust from customers, and has its own tradition. It was awarded the prize of Hungarian Brand of 2012. Available sizes: 100 ml, 250 ml, 1000 ml

A brand with a tradition, offering pragmatic solutions for household cleaning problems: furniture polishing, carpet cleaning, floor polishing. Low-sudsing, phosphate free, highly effective, yet sensitive products. They are excellent for removing stains, and they also brighten up colours. They are especially suitable for daily cleaning tasks.

A General Fresh aerosol légfrissítők gondosan válogatott illatvariánsai hosszan tartó, kellemes illatot hagynak maguk után a helyiségben. A légfrissítő spray egy olyan termék, ami minden házban, lakásban és irodában jó szolgálatot tehet. Kiszerelések: 250 ml, 300 ml, 400 ml.

A Helia-D hazánk egyik legnagyobb múltú kozmetikai márkája, mely lassan 40 éve varázsolja szebbé a testet.

Fabulon Cool Breeze After Shave

Hűsít és felfrissít. Egy tiszta férfias illat. Érezze a frissességét a használat első pillanatától! Kiszerelés: 100 ml

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