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We established our company in 1957 in Szeged, Hungary, and we have been operating as Florin Vegyipari és Kereskedelmi Zrt. (Florin Chemical and Commercial Public LLC) since the regime change in 1989, having 100% Hungarian ownership from the start. For more than 60 years we have strived to support people’s life with the most advanced cosmetic products and household cleansers and to help professional users’ work with modern and cost-effective hygienic solutions. While initially we manufactured soap, hair oil and nail varnish, today we own a broad product portfolio, and have become a company making household, chemical and cosmetic products, and have as such the widest manufacturing capacity in Hungary.

Our product range keeps tracking consumer needs, including the latest domestic and international trends and technical innovations. As for this latter one, we collect information at large-scale international beauty exhibitions where we regularly participate as exhibitors. Today, we successfully market our products not only in Hungary, but also in many European and more distant countries too. Besides manufacturing our proprietary products, we also produce several well-known products of prestigious companies as subcontractors. Their high expectations regarding quality have become the standard in manufacturing our own products too. We are prepared to perform anything from simple manufacturing to compiling entire product mixes.

We specialize in 4 main areas:

        • Alcohol-based products: sanitizers, shaving products, perfumes
        • Aerosol products with propellants: deodorants, air fresheners, hair care products
        • Natural body care products: deodorants, face care products, body lotions
        • Biocide products: sanitizers, pesticides

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We are proud to see our company improve and expand year after year, thanks to the energetic work performed by professional, renowned experts and enthusiastic young people. >>Tanúsítványunkat itt tekintheted meg.<<

Büszkék vagyunk rá, hogy cégünk profi, elismert szakemberek és lelkes fiatalok lendületes munkájának köszönhetően évről évre fejlődik és bővül.


In order to continually improve own products, our development team intensively innovates while constantly taking into account sustainability and environmental awareness when producing economical products at a high quality level.

The development team strives to avoid using harmful chemical substances and to have as small an ecological footprint as possible by choosing recyclable packaging materials and minimizing waste production.

Besides cosmetic products, our range of products intended for residential and hospital use is improving continuously: currently we manufacture more than 60 different sanitizers/disinfectants.


At Florin, we aim at helping our partners by undertaking research and development activities for them, while also developing our own products. As part of long term cooperation projects, our development team carries out the development process of any cosmetic product or sanitizer/disinfectant for our partners. Obviously, consultation and supporting the product development and planning performed by a team of experienced and professionally highly qualified researchers and chemists are an integral part of our R&D activity.

Tests and impact studies needed for manufacturing and distribution are performed by audited third party professional institutions, contributing to developing guaranteed high quality products that are not harmful for health and ready for the intended use.

Our cosmetic products are manufactured in compliance with the provisions of the Hungarian standard MSZ EN ISO 9001:2015, in accordance with guidelines of ISO 22716:2008 Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for cosmetics and EU directives. During their audits lasting several days each year, our manufacturing processes are verified by the quality management experts of SGS United Kingdom Ltd.

Our cosmetic products are manufactured in the so-called clean space of a cosmetics clean room, where the clean environment serves quality. For our cosmetic products, there is always a safety risk assessment (Margin of Safety) prepared, included in the product information file compiled individually for each product. This document is in compliance with the provisions of the standard ISO 9001:2015 both formally and substantively.

Another fundamental requirement of the ISO system is ongoing verification, covering the continuous assessment of our suppliers and also the regular assessment of our co-workers, improving the quality of our products even further.

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