2023 shall not pass without a „Mentes-M” (All-Free Product) award

The Store Insider magazine and its publisher PPH Media have launched the „Minőségi Mentes” (Quality All-Free) products competition again this year. Out of a record number of products entered, we won the Mentes-M award in the shower gel subcategory for the fourth time. This time, our Dermaflora Rosehip Shower Gel beat the other nominees.

„If anything, there is a real place for all-free products in today’s world, when there are so many pollutants in our environment that we can’t always avoid,” as Ágnes Vándor, Managing Director of PPH Media said at the opening of the award ceremony. This is why it is important for us that we have won in this category every year since 2019, with the exception of 1 year.

The Dermaflora product range was the first in Hungary to be consciously designed in the spirit of be free of harmful substances. Florin Zrt. recognised almost 10 years ago how important the all-free cosmetics market is for customers. Since then we have been continuously developing and expanding our Dermaflora 0% all-free products range. Based on feedbacks and general trends, we can say that customers are becoming more and more conscious about their health and, in particular, their skin care. There are more and more categories of all-free products.

People are paying more attention to what they put on their skin, as they have been faced with a number of skin problems and allergic reactions. In response, we are constantly expanding and developing our range of Dermaflora 0% products. We launched the Vitamin C enriched rosehip range last year. We are grateful that people who love the Dermaflora brand are brand loyal, trust the quality they are used to and experience on their skin that these cosmetics give them what they need.  

Dermaflora refill shower gel on the path of green commitment

Florin Zrt.’s product, the Dermaflora Aloe Vera shower gel refill, made it to the finals of this year’s Greengage – green commitment award competition of PPH Media trade magazine publisher. The purpose of the competition was to find and present the successful companies that today in Hungary sustainably, with high priority, „eco-consciously” and environmentally friendly produce innovative products, sell services, or support the market with their developments and processes.

It was a significant innovation for the company, which has a history of 65 years, that it started packaging in the doypack (refill) format. All of this with an iconic product like the Dermaflora product line, which has won several Mentes-M awards, the main aspect of which was the development of awareness from the very beginning. The doypack packaging contains 70% less plastic than two 250 ml conventional shower gel bottles.

In terms of environmental awareness, it was important to find a domestic film supplier that could not only shorten the supply chain, but also reduce their carbon footprint by transporting it. The company managed to find a packaging material supplier for whom this kind of thinking is just as important as it is for Florin Zrt.

Attila Barta, head of Florin, explained: „Adhering to trends and customer preferences, our goal was to make not only the interior but also the exterior future-proof. That is why we decided to introduce a refillable version for the first time as a Hungarian manufacturer in the packaging of Dermaflora Aloe Vera shower gel, one of the most popular members of the product family. With this, we had an important vision to pay attention to environmental aspects by producing a domestic, quality-free product.

Overall, it can be said that by purchasing a doypack Dermaflora Aloe Vera shower gel, the customer leaves a significantly smaller ecological footprint, as both the product’s packaging and the production technology result in less environmental impact.

A Szeged-based factory became the Factory of the Year

The Szeged-based manufacturer of cosmetics and household chemical products, Florin Zrt., finished first in both categories of this year’s finals of the Factory of the Year project competition. With the complete renovation of the factory, it became the category winner of the Manufacturing/Production Project of the Year, and based on the applications submitted, it also won the Grand Prix award for the best factory among companies with a turnover of HUF 1-5 billion. The GyártásTrend technology magazine announced the Factory of the Year Project Competition for the first time this year, continuing the spirit of the previous Factory of the Year competitions and adapting to the challenges of our time, it was possible to apply with industrial projects that increase the efficiency of production. The professional jury, made up of well-known professionals, awarded applications that are able to set a good example for other production companies.

Based on these professional principles, the jury awarded the prizes to Florin Zrt., with which they recognized the effort made by the company’s management to modernize the 60s factory into the 21st century, and not let a long-standing, 100 % Hungarian-owned company. During the 3-year project, the former 1,900 m2 production area was increased to 6,900 m2 and modernized so that production continued continuously. The renovation and expansion of the factory gave the company the opportunity to increase its capacities. With this, they not only increased the production volume of their previous products, but thanks to the larger floor area and the acquisition of new production equipment, they were also able to start the production of new products, increasing the assortment. Thanks to these new value dimensions, the company’s production capacity has been increased several times. The Hungarian government and the European Union also contributed to the implementation of the investments, in addition to involving their own funds.

Attila Barta, the managing director of Florin Zrt., highlighted: „The relevant market is typically dominated by multinational companies with strong capital, where the implementation of upgrades and modernizations aimed at continuous efficiency improvement and keeping up with technological development do not run into financial obstacles. In the case of a Hungarian medium-sized company, whose products compete in quality with those of any international company, it is also of utmost importance to increase productivity and use energy- and cost-efficient production. I am proud that the professional jury also found this project, which increases our domestic competitiveness, to be worthy of recognition.

With this modernization program, Florin Zrt., the Factory of the Year, can already realize its vision of becoming a strategic partner of companies distributing household chemicals and cosmetic products in the Central European region, and in addition, the awareness, recognition, and market share of the products they manufacture are tall.

The video of the company presentation:

Photo: PPH Media

Photo: PPH Media

Photo: PPH Media

Photo: PPH Media

Florin is building an automated warehouse

The cornerstone of the automated warehouse, which is being implemented with the support of the Magyar Multi program, was laid at the Szeged site of Florin Zrt. 50 percent of the 3,000 m2 investment with a budget of about HUF 1.6 billion is provided by the Hungarian Government and the European Union within the framework of the Széchenyi Plan Plusz program. In the course of the project, robotic warehouse technology integrating cutting-edge technological solutions will be built, a barcode raw material and product tracking system will be introduced, a low-energy storage hall will be built, and a solar collector system will be built.

Regarding the foundation stone laying, company manager Attila Barta explained that the construction of the new warehouse base is the last phase of the company’s five-step site development program. In recent years, Florin modernized its production capacity with an investment of HUF 6 billion. However, the company still does not have a warehouse of finished goods. To solve this issue, you have to build your own warehouse base at the site. The goods will be moved without the touch of human hands, by self-propelled forklifts connected to company management systems. As a result of the development, the company’s costs are reduced and the company’s competitiveness improves.

The headmaster of Csongrád-Csanád county, Márton Róth, was also present at the foundation stone laying ceremony. In his greeting, he explained that since its foundation in the 1950s, Florin Zrt. has repeatedly proven that Hungarian products have the right to exist with good management. On the international market, however, in order for Hungarian businesses to take the next step in development, it is often necessary to involve European Union or state subsidies. A similar investment is essential in order for the knowledge to pay off here, for a brand to become global from a local point of view.

Florin Zrt., which produces household cleaning products, personal care products and disinfectants, successfully sells its products not only on the domestic market, but also in other European and distant countries. Thanks to recent developments, the company has realized significant growth, increased its production capacity, and modernized its equipment park. As a result of this investment, Florin’s product production technology will be modernized, it can achieve an outstanding value creation effect, in addition to stabilizing the domestic markets, it can make significant progress in the foreign market, thereby contributing to increasing the international competitiveness of the Hungarian economy.

Rádió88 broadcast its morning show from the Florin factory

The last Friday of April was a special occasion in the life of Florin, as the morning program of Rádió88, Szeged’s most popular radio station, was broadcast live from the factory.

On this occasion, the presenters saw where and how Brado and BradioLife disinfectants, the Dermaflora-free cosmetic product line and Sana herbal foot care products are produced. If the radio operators were here, they weren’t idle either, because they started working!

Not only did they actively help in the production of the best-known BradoLife hand sanitizer spray, but they also made a special hand cream, the unique scent of which they could choose themselves. Thus, in exchange for their work, they could take home a unique Rádió88 hand cream.

Hungarian Multi Program: Florin PLC.’s success too!

Barta Attila Florin

The Hungarian Multi-Program will end in the spring of 2023, the main goal of which was to support the creation of strong, internationally competitive Hungarian businesses, to raise the quality of life of the Hungarian population and to sustainably grow the economy. On the occasion of this, an international closing conference was organized, at which company manager Attila Barta participated in a round table discussion entitled Success Stories, among company managers who were involved in several application rounds of the Program.

In relation to the Magyar Multi-Program, Attila Barta said that Florin’s site from the 60s was able to be modernized into the 21st century with the help of the program, among other things. This represented a 360% expansion in the floor area of ​​the factory. And during the coronavirus epidemic, they supplied the entire country with disinfectant by rescheduling the shifts, thereby helping to protect against the epidemic.

„I was pleased that the Government of Hungary treats domestic businesses as a top priority. I also think it is important for the country to become self-sufficient, for which the Hungarian Multi-Program provided all the opportunities. At the same time, it is also important to emphasize that with this support we can not only move forward at home, but also start expanding in the surrounding region and become a dominant market player,” the company manager emphasized.

And development does not stop! Thanks to the program, the construction of a fully automated high-rise warehouse of 3,100 m2 will be realized, completing the renovation of the Florin site.