We are proud of the awards we won in 2022

Florin díjak 2022

The past year was also full of success for Florin Zrt. This is not only because we received countless congratulations on the occasion of our 65th birthday or because we opened our completely renovated factory, but also because we received 5 awards.

Based on the decision of the Professional Committee, Brado and BradoLife, our product line of professional and household disinfectants, won the MagyarBrands award for the second year in a row. Once again, our products have been recognised as Outstanding Brands among the Top Consumer Brands in Hungary.

Of particular importance to the company, two of our Dermaflora brands, Dermaflora Aloe Vera Gel and Dermaflora Argan Oil and Honey Shower Gel, won the Mentes-M award.

We are particularly proud that Dermaflora Aloe Vera Stift, Dermaflora For Him Intensity Gel Stift, Dermaflora Aloe Vera Shampoo, Dermaflora For Him Intensity Shower Gel and Shampoo and Dermaflora Aloe Vera Body Wash have also received the Mentes-M award in previous years, making it the 7th product in the range to have received this honour.

We have received an important recognition after our Brado hand and skin disinfectant products won the Value and Quality Grand Prize. The use of the trademark and the bearing of the distinctive title is recognition of goods, services and business organisations that have a demonstrable commitment to quality in their activities, such as our Brado hand and skin disinfectant range.

This year, for the first time, we were awarded the Business Superbrands award, voted by a panel of experts, as one of the most outstanding companies in the country. Only brands and manufacturers that produce high and reliable quality can earn the award. This is particularly important for us because our company was assessed on a professional basis. The Business Superbrands Program, which rewards the most successful business brands in more than 90 countries around the world, follows the same principles in each country: winners are selected through a multi-stage research process and then judged by an independent panel of 20 judges each year.

Last but not least, we have also received a very important and special recognition: we can now officially use the “Family Friendly Place” denomination, as we have fully met the necessary criteria.  But we do not plan to stop there. In this area, we want to meet the needs of our staff as much as possible. It is a mutual opinion within the company that a company planning for sustainable and continuous growth is inconceivable without motivated and committed employees, based on a stable family background.

2023, we look forward to new challenges!

We no longer buy as many disinfectants as we did before the coronavirus

Florin Zrt.’s 2022 sales statistics are awarning

According to the signs, people seem to have given up and abandoned their practices to protect themselves from diseases. This is reflected in the disease numbers, but also in the circulation of disinfectants. What’s more, we are now at the point where the turnover of disinfectants has decreased even compared to the sales figures of the year before the coronavirus – the turnover data of the largest household chemical company in Hungary, Florin Zrt., show.

The data and the feedback also show that people pay much less attention to the protection and prevention of diseases than before. This is also clearly indicated by the data of the National Center for Public Health. According to an estimate based on the reports of doctors participating in the monitoring service, it can be established that based on the latest data from December 5-11, 239,500 people in the country consulted a doctor with symptoms of an acute respiratory infection. At the same time last year, this number was around 125,000. The decrease in the cautious attitude can also be seen in previous data.

This attitude is precisely reflected in the data of the largest household chemical company in Hungary, Florin Zrt., regarding the purchase of disinfectants. We are now at a point where the number of products sold will not even reach 2019 – the last year before the coronavirus. Based on the number of products sold this year, the drop is about 17% compared to three years ago. Of course, the demand for certain products changed to a different degree. For example, sales of the 50 ml BradoLife hand sanitizer gel decreased by around 20%, while the demand for the 500 ml package decreased by only around 5%.

Today we clearly pay less attention to the disinfection of our hands and the surfaces around us than in the first periods of the coronavirus. At the same time, this form of defense would be important to avoid the waves intensifying. Moreover, we must not forget that, in addition to Covid, countless temporary and permanent viruses and bacteria breed around us, against which it is important to protect ourselves properly. It is clear from the sales numbers that people no longer pay enough attention to proper hand and surface disinfection. Thus, the goal is definitely to increase the awareness of our customers in 2023 and to further develop our product portfolio so that the packaging and products that best suit the needs are available,” said Attila Barta, the company manager of Florin Zrt.

The feedback from family doctors to the company also shows that people have lost their dedication in this field. They reported that more people are reporting illnesses than last year.

Both they and the company’s experts regularly note that it would be important to pay attention to this because the coronavirus has not disappeared, but many diseases are present and getting stronger in these weeks. From the indications of general practitioners, it is clear that the flu is now much more common among patients than in recent years.

Dermaflora’s preparations were among the best domestic free products

Recently, two members of Florin Zrt.’s Dermaflora brand won the Mentes-M award, which is of particular importance to the company. In the cosmetic market, too, products made from natural ingredients are getting more and more emphasis. Today, these are far from being accessories of a brand, rather they are nodes. This is precisely why these awards are considered important at Florin Zrt., because the awards also reflect market feedback that no manufacturer can ignore.

Mentes-M was recognized by two members of the Dermaflora products produced by Florin Zrt., the leading household chemical and cosmetics company on the domestic market, Dermaflora Aloe Vera Gel and Dermaflora argan oil and honey shower gel.

In the spirit of naturalness, the Szeged company started the development of fragrance-free and fragrance-free product lines from the ground up. They searched for new, natural ingredients and solutions to find satisfactory answers to ideal body care. In addition to this, it was also emphasized that the scent of products containing fragrance should not contain an allergenic component.

“We were considered pioneers when we started work in this area, as previously exempt products were less common here. Today, however, the situation has changed a lot. These products can even be nodes of a brand. Consumer demands have increased significantly at the international level as well as at home. You can only appear with solutions that fully respond to the otherwise extremely serious consumer expectations in this area,” emphasized Attila Barta, the company manager of Florin Zrt.

A healthy lifestyle and conscious consumption have started to develop rapidly in our country in the last few years. This affected many areas, including dietary habits, clothing and cosmetic products, and today “exemption” plays a decisive role. Store Insider and its publisher, PPH Media, therefore decided to reward and draw attention to these products, as well as their innovative manufacturers and distributors.

We are particularly proud that in previous years, Dermaflora Aloe Vera Stift, Dermaflora For Him Intensity Gel Stift, Dermaflora Aloe Vera Shampoo, Dermaflora For Him Intensity Shower Gel and Shampoo, as well as Dermaflora Aloe Vera Body Lotion have also received the Mentes-M award , so 7 members of the product family can bear this prestigious title. Florin representatives received the award on October 18 at the La Vide Duna Event Hall.

Mentes-M reward for Dermaflora Argan Oil Shower Gel
Mnetes-M award for Dermaflora 0% Aloe Vera Gels

Florin is among the TOP 100 businesses of Csongrád-Csanád County

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Csongrád-Csanád County, organized the TOP 100 Economic Conference again this year, where the economic performance of the region and the TOP 100 publication on the most important companies of the region were presented.

It is a great pleasure for us that Florin is once again among the best-performing county enterprises, said the CEO of the company, Attila Barta. He also emphasized that they are constantly working to inspire others with their work so that they can achieve their goals.

In addition to the presentation of the TOP 100 publication, the most important and pressing issues affecting the business sector were discussed at the most prestigious economic and social event in the region, such as the new public investment policy, security of energy supply, developments affecting the region, and the macroeconomic outlook of the country. The event concluded with a business networking evening, where entrepreneurs, company managers and businessmen could strengthen and expand their contacts in an informal setting.

Source: https://www.csmkik.hu/

The Brado and BradoLife product lines received the MagyarBrands award again this year

BradoLife és Brado termékek Magyar Brands oklevele

Based on the decision of the Professional Committee, Florin Zrt.’s family of professional and household disinfectants, Brado and BradoLife, won the MagyarBrands award for the second year in a row. Thus, they are once again considered Excellent Brands among the Top domestic consumer brands.

The Most Successful for the MagyarBrands program has been running for more than a decade among Hungarian-related brands. The thirteen elements of the MagyarBrands program are as follows: to direct the attention of customers and an innovative world to the products and services of the most successful Hungarian consumer, business, and innovative brands.

Born in Hungary and Hungarians participated in its creation and foundation, the program evaluates only such Hungarian brands. A key component of the MagyarBrands 2022 vision is to: “Enhances the excellent performance of domestic brands, thereby positively distinguishing them from their competitors.”

The recognition is also important to us because some of the customers pay attention to them. During their choices, they prefer products awarded with such an award, because they represent a guarantee for them – said Attila Barta, the company manager of Florin Zrt., in connection with winning the award.

The Program’s selection process is extremely complex: a brand can receive this recognition based on a multi-faceted examination of financial data and the unanimous value judgment of consumers and experts. The prize is awarded based on quantifiable criteria, supplemented by the decision of a voluntary, independent committee of experts. Based on scoring, the list of awardees is finally created in three basic categories.

The certification of Brado and BradoLife  products

The disinfectant product line of Florin Zrt. has been awarded for Value and Quality

Value and Quality Grand Prize

Florin Zrt.’s market leader Brado hand and skin disinfectant product line was awarded the Value and Quality Grand Prize. The company’s head received recognition on Thursday in the Upper House Hall of the Parliament at the Economy Festival. The cosmetic and household chemical company from Szeged is also a member of the companies awarded this year, which proved the world-class of their products.

Florin Zrt. received important recognition after Brado’s hand and skin disinfectant products won the Value and Quality Grand Prize following the Superbrands award. This year, 41 applications from 34 applicants earned the use of the trademark and the award in a high-level competition announced in more than 100 topics of 45 main groups covering almost the entire range of the economy.

The 100% Hungarian-owned company began developing its hand and skin disinfectant products almost forty years ago, which was further perfected by the current team of professionals during the challenges caused by the pandemic, based on decades of experience.

Today, the product family is present in almost all healthcare, educational and social institutions in Hungary, helping the everyday hygiene of the people who work and visit them.

The product line includes hand and skin disinfectant products in different packages and packaging. The company’s developments are constantly aimed at ensuring that its partners and customers can take care of disinfection in the best and most practical way at the best price. An important pillar of this is thanks to domestic production and direct commercial representation.

“At our company, from the chemists to the colleagues working in the packaging plant, everyone creates value, which becomes meaningful when it reaches our customers. The Value and Quality Grand Prix is ​​a great recognition and important feedback for us because we know we are on the right track. In the future, we will continue to work so that our customers can continue to experience this award for themselves,” emphasized Attila Barta, head of Florin Zrt.

The use of the Value and Quality Grand Prix Certification Trademark and the awarding of the title with it is the recognition of those goods, services, and economic organizations that are demonstrably committed to the cause of quality in their activities, such as the Brado hand and skin disinfectant product line produced by Florin Zrt.

The purpose of the tender system is to draw attention to the high quality of the goods and services eligible for the tender and to promote the production of products of outstanding quality and high added intellectual value that are competitive on the international market. In this epidemiological and economic situation, in the middle of an energy crisis, the Tender Announcement Council considered it particularly important to provide assistance to economic actors with its own resources and the opportunity to win honorary titles.