Dermaflora’s preparations were among the best domestic free products

Recently, two members of Florin Zrt.’s Dermaflora brand won the Mentes-M award, which is of particular importance to the company. In the cosmetic market, too, products made from natural ingredients are getting more and more emphasis. Today, these are far from being accessories of a brand, rather they are nodes. This is precisely why these awards are considered important at Florin Zrt., because the awards also reflect market feedback that no manufacturer can ignore.

Mentes-M was recognized by two members of the Dermaflora products produced by Florin Zrt., the leading household chemical and cosmetics company on the domestic market, Dermaflora Aloe Vera Gel and Dermaflora argan oil and honey shower gel.

In the spirit of naturalness, the Szeged company started the development of fragrance-free and fragrance-free product lines from the ground up. They searched for new, natural ingredients and solutions to find satisfactory answers to ideal body care. In addition to this, it was also emphasized that the scent of products containing fragrance should not contain an allergenic component.

“We were considered pioneers when we started work in this area, as previously exempt products were less common here. Today, however, the situation has changed a lot. These products can even be nodes of a brand. Consumer demands have increased significantly at the international level as well as at home. You can only appear with solutions that fully respond to the otherwise extremely serious consumer expectations in this area,” emphasized Attila Barta, the company manager of Florin Zrt.

A healthy lifestyle and conscious consumption have started to develop rapidly in our country in the last few years. This affected many areas, including dietary habits, clothing and cosmetic products, and today “exemption” plays a decisive role. Store Insider and its publisher, PPH Media, therefore decided to reward and draw attention to these products, as well as their innovative manufacturers and distributors.

We are particularly proud that in previous years, Dermaflora Aloe Vera Stift, Dermaflora For Him Intensity Gel Stift, Dermaflora Aloe Vera Shampoo, Dermaflora For Him Intensity Shower Gel and Shampoo, as well as Dermaflora Aloe Vera Body Lotion have also received the Mentes-M award , so 7 members of the product family can bear this prestigious title. Florin representatives received the award on October 18 at the La Vide Duna Event Hall.

Mentes-M reward for Dermaflora Argan Oil Shower Gel
Mnetes-M award for Dermaflora 0% Aloe Vera Gels

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