The red panda is adopted by Florin

Florin Zrt. adopted the red pandas of the Zoo of Szeged, which was also visited by Professor Brado.

One of the key brands of the 65-year-old Florin Zrt. – the BradoLife product family – asked its followers and partners about the animals they will adopt from the Zoo of Szeged, as part of a Facebook game. Participants in the game were able to vote for the giraffe, ring-tailed lemur, alpaca and red panda. Based on audience responses, Phoeby, the red panda, was selected to be cared for by the company for a year.

Florin’s primary goal with this movement was to nurture contact with his audience and support a good activity.

The adoption certificate was received by the company’s employees and Professor Brado at Szeged’s Zoo, where the animal was visited. During the visit, the official mascot of BradoLife products did not forget the importance of disinfection and hygiene, so he provided a lot of good advice to passers-by. Many children were also present at the event, taking enthusiastic photos with the professor.

brado professzor