We are proud of the awards we won in 2022

The past year was also full of success for Florin Zrt. This is not only because we received countless congratulations on the occasion of our 65th birthday or because we opened our completely renovated factory, but also because we received 5 awards.

Based on the decision of the Professional Committee, Brado and BradoLife, our product line of professional and household disinfectants, won the MagyarBrands award for the second year in a row. Once again, our products have been recognised as Outstanding Brands among the Top Consumer Brands in Hungary.

Of particular importance to the company, two of our Dermaflora brands, Dermaflora Aloe Vera Gel and Dermaflora Argan Oil and Honey Shower Gel, won the Mentes-M award.

We are particularly proud that Dermaflora Aloe Vera Stift, Dermaflora For Him Intensity Gel Stift, Dermaflora Aloe Vera Shampoo, Dermaflora For Him Intensity Shower Gel and Shampoo and Dermaflora Aloe Vera Body Wash have also received the Mentes-M award in previous years, making it the 7th product in the range to have received this honour.

We have received an important recognition after our Brado hand and skin disinfectant products won the Value and Quality Grand Prize. The use of the trademark and the bearing of the distinctive title is recognition of goods, services and business organisations that have a demonstrable commitment to quality in their activities, such as our Brado hand and skin disinfectant range.

This year, for the first time, we were awarded the Business Superbrands award, voted by a panel of experts, as one of the most outstanding companies in the country. Only brands and manufacturers that produce high and reliable quality can earn the award. This is particularly important for us because our company was assessed on a professional basis. The Business Superbrands Program, which rewards the most successful business brands in more than 90 countries around the world, follows the same principles in each country: winners are selected through a multi-stage research process and then judged by an independent panel of 20 judges each year.

Last but not least, we have also received a very important and special recognition: we can now officially use the “Family Friendly Place” denomination, as we have fully met the necessary criteria.  But we do not plan to stop there. In this area, we want to meet the needs of our staff as much as possible. It is a mutual opinion within the company that a company planning for sustainable and continuous growth is inconceivable without motivated and committed employees, based on a stable family background.

2023, we look forward to new challenges!