Dermaflora refill shower gel on the path of green commitment

Florin Zrt.’s product, the Dermaflora Aloe Vera shower gel refill, made it to the finals of this year’s Greengage – green commitment award competition of PPH Media trade magazine publisher. The purpose of the competition was to find and present the successful companies that today in Hungary sustainably, with high priority, “eco-consciously” and environmentally friendly […]

A Szeged-based factory became the Factory of the Year

The Szeged-based manufacturer of cosmetics and household chemical products, Florin Zrt., finished first in both categories of this year’s finals of the Factory of the Year project competition. With the complete renovation of the factory, it became the category winner of the Manufacturing/Production Project of the Year, and based on the applications submitted, it also […]

Florin is building an automated warehouse

The cornerstone of the automated warehouse, which is being implemented with the support of the Magyar Multi program, was laid at the Szeged site of Florin Zrt. 50 percent of the 3,000 m2 investment with a budget of about HUF 1.6 billion is provided by the Hungarian Government and the European Union within the framework […]

Rádió88 broadcast its morning show from the Florin factory

The last Friday of April was a special occasion in the life of Florin, as the morning program of Rádió88, Szeged’s most popular radio station, was broadcast live from the factory. On this occasion, the presenters saw where and how Brado and BradioLife disinfectants, the Dermaflora-free cosmetic product line and Sana herbal foot care products […]