2023 shall not pass without a „Mentes-M” (All-Free Product) award

The Store Insider magazine and its publisher PPH Media have launched the „Minőségi Mentes” (Quality All-Free) products competition again this year. Out of a record number of products entered, we won the Mentes-M award in the shower gel subcategory for the fourth time. This time, our Dermaflora Rosehip Shower Gel beat the other nominees.

“If anything, there is a real place for all-free products in today’s world, when there are so many pollutants in our environment that we can’t always avoid,” as Ágnes Vándor, Managing Director of PPH Media said at the opening of the award ceremony. This is why it is important for us that we have won in this category every year since 2019, with the exception of 1 year.

The Dermaflora product range was the first in Hungary to be consciously designed in the spirit of be free of harmful substances. Florin Zrt. recognised almost 10 years ago how important the all-free cosmetics market is for customers. Since then we have been continuously developing and expanding our Dermaflora 0% all-free products range. Based on feedbacks and general trends, we can say that customers are becoming more and more conscious about their health and, in particular, their skin care. There are more and more categories of all-free products.

People are paying more attention to what they put on their skin, as they have been faced with a number of skin problems and allergic reactions. In response, we are constantly expanding and developing our range of Dermaflora 0% products. We launched the Vitamin C enriched rosehip range last year. We are grateful that people who love the Dermaflora brand are brand loyal, trust the quality they are used to and experience on their skin that these cosmetics give them what they need.