Dermaflora refill shower gel on the path of green commitment

Florin Zrt.’s product, the Dermaflora Aloe Vera shower gel refill, made it to the finals of this year’s Greengage – green commitment award competition of PPH Media trade magazine publisher. The purpose of the competition was to find and present the successful companies that today in Hungary sustainably, with high priority, „eco-consciously” and environmentally friendly produce innovative products, sell services, or support the market with their developments and processes.

It was a significant innovation for the company, which has a history of 65 years, that it started packaging in the doypack (refill) format. All of this with an iconic product like the Dermaflora product line, which has won several Mentes-M awards, the main aspect of which was the development of awareness from the very beginning. The doypack packaging contains 70% less plastic than two 250 ml conventional shower gel bottles.

In terms of environmental awareness, it was important to find a domestic film supplier that could not only shorten the supply chain, but also reduce their carbon footprint by transporting it. The company managed to find a packaging material supplier for whom this kind of thinking is just as important as it is for Florin Zrt.

Attila Barta, head of Florin, explained: „Adhering to trends and customer preferences, our goal was to make not only the interior but also the exterior future-proof. That is why we decided to introduce a refillable version for the first time as a Hungarian manufacturer in the packaging of Dermaflora Aloe Vera shower gel, one of the most popular members of the product family. With this, we had an important vision to pay attention to environmental aspects by producing a domestic, quality-free product.

Overall, it can be said that by purchasing a doypack Dermaflora Aloe Vera shower gel, the customer leaves a significantly smaller ecological footprint, as both the product’s packaging and the production technology result in less environmental impact.