The disinfectant product line of Florin Zrt. has been awarded for Value and Quality

Florin Zrt.’s market leader Brado hand and skin disinfectant product line was awarded the Value and Quality Grand Prize. The company’s head received recognition on Thursday in the Upper House Hall of the Parliament at the Economy Festival. The cosmetic and household chemical company from Szeged is also a member of the companies awarded this […]

Florin’s products were successful at another international trade fair

Florin, which is 65 years old this year and was awarded the Business Superbrands award, took part in the IAW-Messe – Internationale Aktionswaren- und Importmesse world exhibition among 260 exhibitors from 22 countries in Cologne, Germany, as part of its international expansion. The goal of the sales team was to search for new partners and […]

Florin held a family day at the Fish Festival in Szeged

Awarded with the “Family Friendly Place” certificate, Florin organized a family day at the International Tisza Fish Festival this year, where nearly 200 employees and family members cooked the most delicious fish soup together. The fish soup was made from 100 kg of carp in 7 cauldrons based on carefully guarded family recipes, with which […]

Florin has officially become a “Family Friendly Place”.

One of the largest Hungarian-owned household chemical companies in Hungary, Florin Ltd., is of great importance to the company and also received special recognition. The Szeged-based company known for its BradoLife disinfectants can now officially use the designation “Family-friendly place”. The necessary criteria were fully met. However, the company does not plan to stop there. […]